Filming for our documentary!

Here is a video snippet of some footage for our 50 Kids 50 Cameras documentary! We were lucky enough to obtain permission from the favela “boss” to fly the drone over it. Some of the residents weren’t informed in time and actually ran, thinking it was the police! Enjoy!

Workshop fun! (and Francis gets a haircut!)

Here are a few photos from today’s workshop. The children were not only super excited, but also very attentive and disciplined while we gave the lesson. We were surprised and overjoyed by how many of them turned up! Unfortunately, we had to turn a few of the little ones down because they were simply too young, but we are going to plan something special just for them 🙂 Afterwards, Francis and Alex got haircuts at the favela barber shop. Amazing day all around! Xx

Testing the Phantom 2!

Huge thanks to DJI for sponsoring the 50 Kids 50 Cameras project with an awesome quadcopter! We went out to test flight and landing, and Stephanie suffered a minor injury! Guess we will need to keep practicing 🙂 Watch the video below for some cool footage! Xx

We’ve arrived!

Sorry we have not been able to communicate regularly in the last week! Our internet will be up and running today (hopefully!). Please bookmark this blog if you’d like to see our our daily entries on the project 🙂 Again, thank you all so much for your support. We wouldn’t be here without your kindness and generosity. Xx