50 Kids 50 Cameras

50 kids 50 cameras

Contact: Francis and Stephanie Lane

silent tapes to launch their documentary project, 50 Kids 50 Cameras, with children growing up in the favelas of Fortaleza, Brazil, photographing their own lives amidst the violence and Social-Spatial displacement influenced by the 2014 World Cup

 As Brazil prepares to host the World Cup this summer, Fortaleza is under the spotlight for it’s reputation as the country’s capital of sex tourism and the sexual exploitation of children. With a country of over half a million child prostitutes, and over 16 million people living on less than $1.30 USD a day, children are in their most vulnerable position of being exploited into prostitution and other activities leading to drug addiction, violence, and abuse.

“An estimated $14 billion dollars have been invested so far, and nearly 200,000 people have been displaced. We believe that the children living in the favelas should have been prioritized over revitalizing areas for tourists.”, says Francis Lane, Co-Founder of silent tapes, a non-profit organization documenting the lives of people living in slums around the world, and raising money for the children living in these communities through their work.

silent tapes has launched a Kickstarter campaign this week seeking support to provide a five week photography workshop and create a book with 50 children in the favelas of Fortaleza. “We want to give these children a voice, and empower them to share their stories through creativity.” Through their own photographs and memoirs, the children will share the heart and truth of their communities, not filtered by news agencies or dominated by outsider perspectives invested in presenting The 2014 World Cup as solely a beneficial and profitable event for the country of Brazil and its residents.

Additionally, all of the proceeds from the book and exhibitions will directly support the participating children and hundreds of others in Fortaleza, as well as funding a program focusing on prevention of child exploitation.

For more information on this project, visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/silenttapes/50-kids-50-cameras