Announcing our collaboration with the UN International School!

It’s official! We have begun our cross-cultural exchange, as part of the 50 Kids 50 Cameras project, with students from the UN International School in NYC! Children from Fortaleza and New York will be exchanging letters, as well as creating a photographic exhibition, sharing their lives as seen through their own eyes. Here is a bit more information on the collaboration, as written by our wonderful partner and teacher at the UNIS, Ms. Threlfall: —— Through a collaborative, interdisciplinary, cross-cultural project, my students have the unique opportunity to partner with the 50 Kids/50 Cameras Project with Silent Tapes. Over the …

Featured on Malaguetas from the MTV Brasil blog!

Thank you SO much Estefani at Malaguetas for MTV Brasil, for being so kind as to write a follow up piece on our 50 Kids 50 Cameras project. We really appreciate all your support! “Estas fotografias falam por si. E as crianças criam uma voz para compartilhar suas próprias histórias durante esses tempos controversos”, explica Stephanie. O resultado são retratos intimistas e ingênuos, um olhar das crianças sobre o próprio dia a dia e o espaço urbano. As máquinas analógicas ajudam a preservar a delicadeza e uma versão da realidade sem filtro.” Read the rest of the article here!

-stills from the upcoming documentary-

Due to the incredible support we have received for the 50 Kids 50 Cameras project, we were funded enough to film a documentary as well during our time in the favelas of Fortaleza. Our experiences have been an indescribable mixture of ups and downs, many huge smiles but also many trials and tribulations. Here are a few stills from the first few weeks of filming. To see, learn about, and film firsthand the lives of so many incredibly strong people, only weakened by some of the most undesirable circumstances in life, has been an immensely humbling experience. We hope that …

50 Kids 50 Cameras preview!

Because the children in our workshop are amazing, and we just could not wait to share, here is a short preview of selected images from the first couple of weeks, for their book 50 Kids 50 Cameras. It’s going to be very difficult to say goodbye. Thank you so much for supporting this project, enjoy the glimpse! X -Francis and Stephanie P.s If you would like to support this project by pre-ordering a copy of the 50 Kids 50 Cameras book or other gifts, please click here. Photo by: Wesley Photo by: David Photo by: Julio Photo by: Renao Photo …

Children’s work review!

The children were SO excited to see and discuss their work so far! We have asked many of the kids, and adults, what they would like to share with the world about the favelas here. Most of the responses have been something like this: “We want them to know that it’s just a neighborhood like any other; there is nothing to be afraid of. Although there is poverty, there is strong sense of community and families lend each other a helping hand. There is hope that outsiders will want to come in and help provide opportunities for youth.” We are …

Filming for our documentary!

Here is a video snippet of some footage for our 50 Kids 50 Cameras documentary! We were lucky enough to obtain permission from the favela “boss” to fly the drone over it. Some of the residents weren’t informed in time and actually ran, thinking it was the police! Enjoy!

Workshop fun! (and Francis gets a haircut!)

Here are a few photos from today’s workshop. The children were not only super excited, but also very attentive and disciplined while we gave the lesson. We were surprised and overjoyed by how many of them turned up! Unfortunately, we had to turn a few of the little ones down because they were simply too young, but we are going to plan something special just for them 🙂 Afterwards, Francis and Alex got haircuts at the favela barber shop. Amazing day all around! Xx

Testing the Phantom 2!

Huge thanks to DJI for sponsoring the 50 Kids 50 Cameras project with an awesome quadcopter! We went out to test flight and landing, and Stephanie suffered a minor injury! Guess we will need to keep practicing 🙂 Watch the video below for some cool footage! Xx