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Welcome to silent tapes KickStarter campaign – 50 Kids 50 Cameras

Do you want to take a glimpse at what it’s like to grow up in the favelas of Fortaleza, Brazil, through the eyes of it’s local children? silent tapes is a non profit series of projects, in which we photograph the lives of people living in slums, and generate funds for those communities through our works.

World Cup 2014 & child exploitation

As Brazil prepares to host the World Cup this summer, Fortaleza is under the spotlight for it’s reputation as the country’s capital of sex tourism and the sexual exploitation of children. With a country of over half a million child prostitutes, and 16 million people living on less than $1.30 USD a day, adolescents are lured into prostitution and exploitation that lead to drug addiction, violence, and abuse. Help us give these children a voice in sharing their stories amidst the violence and Social-Spatial displacement influenced by the 2014 World Cup.

Why silent tapes Kickstarter campaign – 50 Kids 50 Cameras ?

We are seeking your support in providing a five week photography workshop in June 2014 to 50 children in the favelas of Fortaleza, to empower them through creativity. We will provide meals and instant cameras for the children during our lessons. Alongside the children, we will create a book which will give true insight and depth to the life of a child living in the favelas of Fortaleza, including photographs and memoirs depicting that their lives are also filled with love, ambition, generosity, and kindness. This will also be the only opportunity the children will have to share the heart and truth of their communities, not filtered by news agencies or dominated by outsider perspectives invested in presenting the 2014 World Cup as solely a beneficial and profitable event for the country of Brazil and it’s residents.

Book, Exhibition, and more!

The silent tapes Kickstarter campaign – 50 Kids 50 Cameras will enable us to create a compilation of the children’s photographs and writings in a full color book, an exhibition in NYC of selected images, and distribution of the book to selected schools, libraries, and community centers, including all twinned cities. Your support will help fund the five week photography workshop, purchase of instant cameras, developing of films, hot lunches for the children, and printing of the books. Additionally, if we meet our stretch goal, we will be able to hold a second exhibition in Fortaleza’s twinned city of Miami, Fl and additional exhibitions in various cities, leading to a larger audience and increased awareness on the daily challenges of a child in the favelas of Fortaleza.

Proceeds to benefit the children

All of the proceeds from the book and exhibition will support the participating children and hundreds of others within their community. Additionally, a portion of the funds will go towards a program focusing on the prevention of child exploitation.

Gifts for your generous pledges!

We also have some amazing gifts in exchange for your generous support! A softcover and hardcover book, archival quality prints of your choice from the series, limited-edition fair trade silent tapes tote bags, tickets to the silent tapes – 50 Kids 50 Cameras exhibition in NYC, and even a trip (including round trip air-fare, one night at hotel in NYC, and two event tickets) to our exhibition in NYC this fall are all available at various pledge levels on our Kickstarter campaign page! Please have a look! 🙂

We hope you will join us on our mission to help underprivileged children all around the world. Every single pledge counts and you can also help us by sharing this press release and campaign link on Facebook, Twitter, or emailing it to your friends.

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Thank you for your time!