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Slum communities are formed through the migration of the rural poor into urban Bangkok who carry with them the belief that they will find jobs and better lives. With nowhere to live, they build their homes wherever they find space. Many find work, but this is usually unstable and underpaid. Many are unable to break out of life in the slums. Children grow up without access to proper care, nourishment or basic education. They are exposed to assault and abuse, both mentally and physically, in an environment where drugs and crime are prevalent.

By working with children up to 5 years of age, FSCC acts early to help children avoid many of the dangers of growing up in such an environment. Through our four daycare centres and by supporting privately run daycare homes, we provide nutrition, care and education for children aged from four months to five years old. We also reach out to help other slum babies and infants in their own homes through the help of community volunteers.

What is the end result?

We have children who are healthy, respectful, interactive, and most importantly happy.