-stills from the upcoming documentary-

Due to the incredible support we have received for the 50 Kids 50 Cameras project, we were funded enough to film a documentary as well during our time in the favelas of Fortaleza. Our experiences have been an indescribable mixture of ups and downs, many huge smiles but also many trials and tribulations. Here are a few stills from the first few weeks of filming.

To see, learn about, and film firsthand the lives of so many incredibly strong people, only weakened by some of the most undesirable circumstances in life, has been an immensely humbling experience. We hope that our film will not only honor these people, but that it will also create the awareness needed to make a positive change here.

Thank you, once again, for helping us get to this point. We are forever grateful.

If you would like to support this project by pre-ordering a copy of the 50 Kids 50 Cameras book or other gifts, please click here.



silent tapes fortaleza-1

silent tapes fortaleza-13

silent tapes fortaleza-14

silent tapes fortaleza-12

silent tapes fortaleza-11

silent tapes fortaleza-2

silent tapes fortaleza-3

silent tapes fortaleza-4

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silent tapes fortaleza-6

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