Thank you Instagram!

We wanted to say thanks to anyone who has shared about the 50 Kids 50 Cameras project on their Instagram feeds! The impact it’s had on our campaign has been HUGE! If any of you have your own feeds and would be so kind as to spread the word on it, we’d be so grateful!

Also, we are 95% our goal! Help us reach our stretch goal of $12,000 (or more!), and we will be able to create a short film documentary, and distribute it through a prominent social media platform who has shown significant interest in our project. We will also be able to hold additional exhibitions in Fortaleza’s twinned cities, leading to a larger audience and increased awareness on the daily challenges of a child in the favelas of Fortaleza.

Have an amazing holiday weekend! Can’t wait to share our journey with you! X

(in no particular order) @sejkko @springheather @___knifeparty@le_blanc @n_cruz @_tamarapeterson @khiesti @whighfield @kbasta @oveck @nazfilms @fabsgrassi @katia_mi @ahbeel @mrbrock21 @quietpoem @beautyandterror @catherinesomething @asharris @konstruktivist @justn_sd @trentboz @mmmarac @katevcc @takemeonacruise @aguaviva212 @katwesterman @xtramoney @lovepaperplane @ky_nichole @leda_kfouri @poeticwordvomit @cimek @fortheluvof @raphaelliais @ampt @pieces_of_me @_____joie

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50 kids 50 cameras

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