Announcing our collaboration with the UN International School!


It’s official! We have begun our cross-cultural exchange, as part of the 50 Kids 50 Cameras project, with students from the UN International School in NYC! Children from Fortaleza and New York will be exchanging letters, as well as creating a photographic exhibition, sharing their lives as seen through their own eyes. Here is a bit more information on the collaboration, as written by our wonderful partner and teacher at the UNIS, Ms. Threlfall:


Through a collaborative, interdisciplinary, cross-cultural project, my students have the unique opportunity to partner with the 50 Kids/50 Cameras Project with Silent Tapes.

Over the summer, Stephanie Lane and Francis Lane visited a favela in Fortaleza, Brazil. They gave 50 cameras to 50 kids, and after they were taught photography skills, the kids were set free to capture their world. The project is part of a documentary initiative to bring awareness to the issues facing those living in the Favelas in Brazil.

Through a series of serendipity moments, I have teamed up with Stephanie and Francis to do a collaborative project with my students here at UNIS. Tied in with our Global Connections unit, my students have been connected to 11 of the children in Brazil. The children will be “pen-pals” for a bit, sharing their worlds with one another. My students will engage in the same photography curriculum and will also capture their world. During the project, we will be asking the question: How does where we live impact how we live our lives? We will examine the Millennium Development Goals. We will write letters. We will compare cultures. We will do a whole lot more.

The project opens the opportunity to learn geography, writing, service learning, photography, and social-emotional skills all while taking action to contribute to the lives of these wonderful Brazilian children.

At the end of the project, we will publish a book showcasing our work and we will be hosting an exhibit/Gala through which we will raise funds to help build a community center in Brazil. Guess where it’s all happening? At the UN building.

This is why I became a teacher. To help foster a generation of children who are empowered with the knowledge and skills they need to help make the world a better place.

Together, we really can “Be the change we wish to see in the world.”



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